Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is Allison

Tomorrow Doug goes back for re-testing. We're praying he is virus free and that we're ready to get going again. When the egg retrieval was cancelled, I was depressed, frustrated, upset, whatever you want to call it.....for a couple of days probably. Once I was over it, I really haven't thought much about things. I guess it was my way of trying not to think about so I didn't drive myself crazy. But since about the beginning of this week, I've been getting emotional again. By emotional, I'm meaning....excited, anticipating and just wanting to get started on the meds again. I know Jenn's ready to get knocked up too. :)

Anyways, please send up a few extra prayers. I'm guessing we won't hear about the results until next Wednesday or Thursday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The results are in......

This is Allison

and his count is just right above where it needs to be. Darnit. Oh well, I guess it worked out ok because I've been terribly sick this whole week with a urinary tract/kidney infection. Horrible, horrible, but I'm on the mend.

Doug has an appt to go back on May 1st for his re-re-testing. :) The doctor is pretty positive that his count will be where it needs to be. Please keep praying for us that this is the time. I'm keeping positive thoughts that we're going to be back on our journey again very soon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is Allison

Well, Doug went yesterday for his "re-testing" for the CMV virus. We're all just hoping and praying that it comes back negative. I'm thinking we'll hear back either Wednesday or Thursday next week.

At this point, Jenn and I both are on BCP's. So, we're ready when he's all clear.

Jenn introduced me to another surrogate that she met through a friend of hers. We've all become really great friends through all of this. I just wanted to put it out there that her and her set of IP's will be doing their transfer next Sunday. We'll just call them "J & L".....please send up some prayers for positives for them. They all soooo deserve it!!!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still Waiting....

This is Allison...

It's been a while since either one of us has written, so just wanted to let everyone know that nothing is going on right now. Just till waiting on the nurse to call back and let us know when they want to re-test Doug.

Thanks for the continued prayers...