Monday, October 25, 2010

A Meeting of the IP's

Yesterday I was finally able to arrange meeting between D&A (former IP's) and A&M (new IP's). Lunch was yummy and new friendships were formed! Oh, and here is a bonus - a few pics of the surro princess :)

It was really windy yesterday! This is Allison, me, Morgann (my daughter) and M :)

The little princess and me - she's such a ham for the camera!

Allison & I with our girls :)

She has the cutest little smile - and just look at the dimples on those legs - LOVE it!

Morgann doing what she loves to do - hold Emma!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aunt Flo

Meds have been good so far :) I'm not suffering with major, long-term Lupron headaches this time around, so I'm a happy girl! If I get a headache, it shows up around 3ish and is just a dull ache - that I can live with for a few weeks!

Anyway, I stopped my BCP's on Wednesday and was scheduled to meet Aunt Flo around day 3 - today is day 3 and she arrived right on schedule :) So I have contacted the IVF clinic and will begin the next step in the med cycle on Mon - continuing the Lupron but cutting the dosage in 1/2, adding 1 Vivelle dot (estrogen patch) every other day, and taking 1 tiny baby aspirin.

November 19th is coming up fast!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Here We Go!

I received my meds via FedEx this morning and am now waiting for the OK from the nurse at the IVF clinic to begin my injections this morning :) Woohoo!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

And so it begins...

Michael & I went in for our communicables testing today (to be sure we are disease-free, which we are, but FDA mandates them to be done before every transfer) and my "teaching" visit. The teaching visit is a quick review of the meds I will take, the protocols for dosing them, the calendar of when I will start them, and a question & answer session for clarity.

Our contract has been finalized and we are all set :)

Monday is THE day! I will begin taking the Lupron injections and moving forward with various & sundry meds over the course of the next 4ish weeks. We are hoping that my body responds as it should (and as it did the last go-around) and that we will be set for a November 19th transfer! HOLY SCHNIKIES BATMAN!!! It's gonna be here before we all know it and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

All I can say is Praise the Lord, for He is so very good!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More updates :)

Fun times are being had and we are all so very ready! I am LOVING my new IP's - they are so awesome and I feel so very grateful to God that He blessed me with another wonderful friend!

First, Friday's appointments went well. I was told that my uterus is beautiful and that my ovaries were "perfect", so I was given the official "all clear" by the doctor! Praise the Lord!! Then Michael & I and M&A were told that the 4 of us were definitely compatible and the psychologist saw no reason to keep us from moving forward - Praise the Lord - AGAIN!!!

So now we are finalizing contracts and looking forward to the start of meds, thinking it could happen within just this next week! Wow!!! I won't be able to begin taking anything until the attorney sends a notice to the IVF clinic stating we are official, but I am really excited about starting those shots :) Yep, I think the psychologist missed something in my interview, don't you?!? Ha!!!

So, let me introduce you to M. She is my new IM and from the very beginning, we felt an instant connection. We met for lunch today (and took the picture after we ate which is why I have no lips!) and were laughing and talking about how we probably would have met, one way or another! Its along story, but suffice it to say that we initially met after they contacted the surrogacy attorney we all used for our last journeys (mine with D&A, them with another surrogate). But, when I was initially contacted by K (the attorney) and was telling my surro friend Jenni about them (even tho I knew almost nothing!), she started wondering if she knew them - turns out she works with their previous surrogate and had met them briefly before. Anyway, M was saying today that she had thought about asking Jenni if she knew of any surrogates looking to begin a journey, and Jenni would have referred them to me! So regardless of how it happened, it was obviously meant to be - we were destined to meet sooner or later!! I mean, what are the odds that I know a surrogate that knows their previous surrogate? God is so awesome!!!

So, we are in that hurry up & wait mode, but let me officially say "Let the Baby Makin' Begin"!!

Oh, and I've invited M to post so you may get the chance to officially meet her :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Appointments :)

So, thought I would quickly update - tomorrow (Fri) I will go in for my psych eval (required by the state of Texas) and the hysteroscopy. The first 30-45 mins of the appointment will be just me by myself, then the psychologist will call Michael for a phone interview, after which M&A will join us for a "group" eval to be sure we are all compatible & OK'd to work together :) Really, a formality since we've all been through this before, but still a requirement. Then I get to have a hysteroscopy to check my uterus for scar tissue or anything that would deem me an unsuitable candidate for IVF - don't expect to see anything since my delivery of Emma was vaginal and I shouldn't have any scars :)

So, same song, different dance, and yet I am nervous as all-get-out! Uugghh...I hate tests :( Always have.... sigh....