Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cesarean Section Class

Last Saturday Marc and I went to a cesarean section class at the hospital.  The first thing I learned: how to spell c-e-s-a-r-e-a-n.  It's not Ceasarean, as I had assumed.  Wasn't Ceasar birthed by c-section?  Well, that wasn't covered.  I wish you could hear the "Jaws" theme, as that is what was playing in my head as we walked into the classroom.  Marc was hoping for a model, not a LIVE one, mind you, but one he could at least open up and take guts out of.  I was feeling queasy.

So the class was mostly the nurse talking about pre-op and post-op procedures.  We were happy to learn information about newborn babies such as this:

We were not happy (and a little freaked out) at learning everything there is to know about c-sections (and yes I know this is the reason I signed us up for this class):

We got to go upstairs and look at the pre and post op area, and what the rooms look like.  This was my favorite part of the class.  We were not allowed to go into the operating room (unfortunately).

and... in case you were wondering, which I was when the nurse teaching the class rolled in the TV, we did not watch a video of a c-section.  We watched an animation of one.

(to clarify:  Jenn is having a scheduled c-section due to her last pregnancy needing to be a c-section.  It's tentatively scheduled for May 12!)

Belated 28 Week U/S Pics and News

Ok, well I figured I better get these up since *tomorrow* we have our 30 week appt... only two weeks behind!

We had a little scary news at the 28 week appointment.  At the very end of our chat with Dr. Rawson, he mentioned he wanted to do another ultrasound because there was a small echogenic area in the heart that they had been watching.  They hadn't said anything because they didn't want to worry us and thought it would shrink in size or disappear.  We did the ultrasound, and the area was still there- and at the same size.  I did my best to take a picture from my own computer screen (we've had most of the ultrasounds recorded for us), when Angie pointed out the spot with her cursor.  When you see it in motion, you can really see the four heart chambers moving, but here you can only see a dot:

We were referred to a Fetal Medicine Specialist, and got an appointment just three days later.  At this appointment, they did an extended ultrasound (it lasted 45 minutes!) and looked at *everything*.  They said she looked completely normal and that the echogenic spot was really nothing to worry about, they see it all the time.  So we haven't been worried.  Hopefully tomorrow will show some shrinkage of that little spot, if we do indeed do another ultrasound!  Anyway, little Isabella Dawn gave us some reassurance that everything was okay, she smiled at us!  It was one of the best ultrasound shots ever!!