Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Having nothing to do with surrogacy....

I just have to say that when I began this journey, my hope was to find a couple that not only wanted a child/children, but would also want a family to become a part of theirs - since I am a mommy, my husband & kiddos would be a package deal, and that was non-negotiable!

What we have found in Allison & Doug are not only great friends, but they have truly become adopted family. They fit seamlessly into our daily lives, and I love that about them. We can go to dinner and laugh for hours about stupid stuff (thin cheeks!), we can stress-out together over the things we have no control over (CMV), and we can simply call in a favor and have it met without any hesitation (have I said thank you?). Prayers are a daily occurrence for all of us - for personal things and for surrogacy-related things too! We give each other a hard time, joke with each other as only family would, and offer our shoulders when a tear needs to be shed.

Yes, I have not only found a great friend, I have a new sister to love :)

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Allison said...

Aww Jenn, you're so sweet. I'm sorry, I just now read this and I'm getting teary-eyed. I so enjoy the times we can get together. And you guys have also become family to us. This was exactly what I wanted as well. And it looks like we got it. :)

Love you girl!!!