Sunday, February 14, 2010

Emma's got furniture!

We bought Emma's furniture two weeks ago. I was so excited I found exactly what I wanted. We bought it from a couple through Craigslist (a new addiction). I think we got a steal at $650 for everything. It's all in great shape. The pictures are in the sellers nursery, so those are not Emma's nursery, even though they are beautiful.

Next thing on the list is painting the nursery. Let me make this clear, I am 100% uncreative. If that's even a word. LOL. I can barely draw a stick person. So, I am looking for volunteers or I may end up having to pay someone. And that's fine too. We just need to get it done soon.
We don't have much time left, Jenn will be 29 weeks tomorrow. Wow, I'm so excited!!!!
Until next time,


Jaymee said...

now i have total crib envy!!! the furniture is beautiful!

as far as the painting goes, just do the walls one normal color and get some stuff to hang, just a little advice from one uncreative to another.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see the finished product :) Just remember, the room decor is more for you than for her, so do whatever you'll be happy with!! If simple works, then stick with it...if you want ornate and fancy, then do that. Truly, she's not going to care one way or another ;)

Anonymous said...

It will be so beautiful, my only words of suggestion are to anchor the bookshelf. It's top heavy and can easily tip over.

Brooke said...

Wow! The furniture is beautiful! You did get a good deal! I can't believe Jenn is 29wks. already. Lil Emma will be in your arms before you know it!

Merry Lynn said...

Jennifer knows some one that does murals...Her name is Jamie and she is in Jennifer's MOPS group. She is SO creative and I think if you want to pay someone she would be someone you would love working with. The furniture is beautiful!!! Post a picture or link to your bedding that you picked out and than that way creative juices can start flowing.
I think you should make the room as perfect as you want it. It's your baby for your baby and Emma's one lucky girl!