Wednesday, November 23, 2011

32 weeks and nearing the end....

I had my 32 week OB appt and ultrasound this morning, and as usual, baby looked perfect :) She is measuring around 3 lbs 14 oz and heart rate was 136. Grow baby grow!!!

And now for the ongoing saga: I've been contracting - allot - this past week, and the doctor said he's worried. And while he didn't mandate bed rest, I had to swear and promise to lay around and take it easy. (good thing I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year!) Anyway, he said that we are still just waiting to see what happens, but he won't be surprised if I start to spot or bleed before 35 weeks rolls around, based on the fact that the blood vessels are still interlaced over & around my cervix. And he also said he won't be surprised if we meet this little girl before Christmas day! (on Cmas day I'll be 37w) So, while we can't make any definite plans right now, or schedule the c-section, we are anticipating her to be here very soon. Obviously the longer I can keep her baking, the better. But he's not going to wait around for 38-40w either. We'll be doing an u/s at every visit to check for placental "grading" and once we get to 3 and the doctor has confidence that she is mature enough, we'll be heading into the OR and giving her a birthday! On the other hand, if I start bleeding, he'll take her sooner than later depending on the degree of emergency. If they can control the bleeding, I'll likely be in the hospital for a bit, but that's just a wait & see situation too.

I'm excited and nervous and worried and happy all at the same time....its a weird mixture of emotions. But most importantly, I know that God has this all planned out and that HIS timing is perfect, and obviously not the same as ours :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Membership Required said...

Jennifer, call me. I went through this with Campbell and she came at 35 weeks. Hugs, ML