Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 week PP check-up

Today I had my 2 week post op and all is well, so far :) Dr. R removed my steri strips and declared my incision "beautiful" and said that it will continue to heal. He also mentioned that the less I strain my stomach muscles for the next few weeks, the prettier the incision will look, and also mentioned that if I wanted to use Maderma cream on it, that might help it fade over time.

After the logistical junk was out of the way, Doctor, Michael & I talked about the delivery and how we could all see God's hand throughout this last year. HE was in every decision made and when the doctor had me opened up and pulled that sweet baby out, we could HIS hand had directed each & every move! Wow!!! It truly was a miraculous journey and I wouldn't trade a single minute of it.

But knowing this was the very last baby I will have made it bitter-sweet too. Dr. R is in total, 100% agreement that this needed to be my last, and even went so far as to double-stitch/extra-stitch my stomach muscles back together. I love my OB and LOVE the fact that he is a godly man with allot of wisdom.

Thank you Dr. Jon Rawson for everything!!! You are a wonderful doctor, a tremendous OB/Gyn, and a true family friend.

*side note: While we were all chit chatting, we got to discussing the situation with the placenta previa and how just 100 years ago, so many women and/or babies died from situations like this one. Then, he very quickly interjected, "you would have died for sure" as we moved on to another topic....talk about a sobering thought. Thank you God for the strides that have been made in medicine and patient care over the years!!! I'm so grateful that I live NOW and not THEN.


Michael said...

As I've gone through my journey there are times when I feel that medicine has become so advanced it makes our choices overwhelming, but there are times, as in your case, that I am thrilled we have the medicine we have to make sure you are safe and alive today. Congratulations on your successful journey.

Jim said...

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