Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Squirt is Growing!

This is Jenn ~

Today was U/S #3 and, as expected, Allison's little baby is growing right along :) We are measuring 12w5d, which would give us a due date of May 1st - my hubby's birthday. The heart rate was 171 again (I'm still thinking pink) and all of the baby's measurements were perfect! Its still too early to say whether we have a baby boy or a baby girl, but the U/S tech said she saw a little "nub" and she thinks it might be a girl "nub", but we won't know for sure until our 20 week U/S - unless Allison can't stand it and decides we need to visit a stand-alone chain to find out earlier. I'm up for anything at this point - just so very relieved that Baby O is looking good :)


T said...

awesome news.. and out of the 1st tri.. how exciting :)

Judy said...

GREAT ultrasound shots! WOW!

Membership Required said...

Exciting! Allison if you can not wait....get the blood test that does gender testing before your 13th week is over. Male dna floats will be detectable in Jen's blood. Freaking but true!