Monday, October 12, 2009

Such a procratinator....

This is Allison~

I've been meaning to post about our first OB appointment since the day we went. Geez.....I'm a bad bad blogger. LOL

Our first appointment was Sept 25th. I was so excited. I went over to Jenn's so that we could ride together. I secretly love spending any little extra time with her. (Shhhh, don't tell her) LOL. Our appt was at 11:30. Jenn has warned me over and over not to expect him to come in on time and to expect for it to be an all day affair just to be safe. So, I tried to prepare for a long wait. But long waits are ok if you have someone to talk to. So, not so bad. The nurses were great and seemed happy for us. I was very attentive to try and see how others would perceive the surrogacy. The dr came in about an hour after the appt time. Not bad. He basically just talked to Jenn to see how she was, see if we had any questions and to make sure we were all on the same page. What happened next kind of took me aback, but I truly understand. Jenn was talking about her previous pregnancies when she was induced and he immediately said that any decisions like that, who will be in the room during appts, who will be in the room during delivery, etc will all be done according to what Jenn wants. He said that all medical tests and results could be shared, only after she gives permission, etc. At first, I almost felt like he was saying, even though you're the Mom, all decisions about anything to do with the baby are up to Jenn. But I quickly dismissed that feeling. I totally understand that she is his patient and that's what he should be looking out for. And I know that I can't force Jenn to do anything with her body that she isn't in agreement with. And the main thing is that we have went over our feelings concerning different things and I really feel like Jenn and I are on the same page as far as those situations. It just made me feel a little weird for a moment, but like I said, I quickly got over that. If I wouldn't have, it wouldn't have been good. I could possibly have went down a road of resentment toward the doctor and Jenn. And Jenn quickly stated that I would be at probably all of the appointments and she was ok with that. So, I think that once all of that was out in the open, things shouldn't be odd or awkward. Jenn, I hope you aren't offended that I posted this. I felt it was important for other intended moms to know what to possibly expect. I wasn't prepared, but got quickly past the feeling of my emotions rising up. :)

After the appointment, we went to a mexican restaurant. Had a great time. Jenn's youngest son, Ian, was with us. He was being great.

It was a long day, but I had such a good time and I love spending extra time with Jenn. It's fun continuing to get to know her.

Our next appt is the 12wk appt, which is next Thurs, 22nd. YAY

Wow, I can't believe we are 11wks today!!!! SIGH - it's hard to believe.

I'm so very happy. :)

Nite, nite


Jennifer said...

Nope not offended at all :) We already discussed this and I'm glad you thought about sharing this for other IM' surprised me too, honestly! But, since we already discussed all of that, I don't think there are any questions for either of're gonna be there whether you like it or not...and Doug too ;) This your baby....hallelujah!!!!

Jaymee said...

yeah, it is difficult to go from being the first one called to the last. just an FYI it would not be a bad idea to get a HIPPA release so that if there is anything that you feel you need to talk to the doctor about you can. not in a going behind jenn's back way, more a not having to use jenn as the go between, which can be frustrating and time consuming. so happy that you both get to share all these appointments, i am a little jealous.

Jennifer said...

Jaymee ~ it's already taken care of and she is listed as someone that can get any/all information she requests. But I don't forsee me trying to keep anything from her :) But thanks for the suggestion!

Judy said...

You are both (Allison and Jenn) so awesome. Nuff said.