Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Shower #2

This is Allison ~

Jenn and Jenni threw me a shower at Tea for Two tearoom. It was so great. But........Jenn surprised the heck outta me. I had two friends in town painting the nursery and Jenn kept asking if we could all get together Friday night for dinner. So, the plan was to meet at Salt Grass Steakhouse at 7pm. The people that were going to be there were Jenn, her husband Michael, me, Doug, Monique (friend from Baton Rouge), Nathan (friend from Chicago) and Emily (Doug's sister). Jenn had told me that she also invited Jenni and Justin, but that Jenni had to work. So, as I was walking toward the table, someone had their back turned to me talking to Jenn. As I got closer, I was thinking, Jenni? I thought she had to work? Then as I got close enough to actually see, I was like.............MOMA?????? Oh my gosh, I was so shocked and surprised. It's almost making me cry right now thinking about it. I had just talked to her a few hours earlier and she said she was at the grocery store shopping. Little did I know she was 45 minutes away from me getting a manicure and pedicure with Jenn. Jenn is the sweetest, most thoughtful person. For her to give me that kind of gift was truly amazing. It was so special for my moma to get to come to the shower and spend a little time with me over the weekend. I never thought it was possible for her to be there. I later found out that Jenn and her had been planning it since January. Very sneaky of them, lol. I had no clue whatsoever. As you can see in the pictures that Jenn posted, I was shocked. I kept looking at her and saying over and over, "what are you doing here?" I was so happy.

The shower was absolutely wonderful. First of all, the place that Jenn had it was great. Laura had thrown Jenni a shower there back in November I think. That was my first time there and the food and atmosphere is awesome. Such a cute place. I can't wait to take Emma there when she gets old enough. A few of my surrogate friends were able to come. It was so nice being able to get to see Heather and Dawn, Jenni's mom, Jenn's mother in law and Emily. I received so many wonderful gifts. I'm truly blessed. That's something I have really been saying a lot of lately. I'm just blessed and I have such special friends. Thank you all!

Thank you Jenn and Jenni for making it such a wonderful day! I was so happy that my moma got to share in the joy.


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