Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Shower #3

Sorry guys, I'm so behind. I've been meaning to post for weeks, literally. Wow, all I can keep thinking and saying is that we are so truly blessed. When you think about how much this type of road to parenthood costs, we are already in the negative when our baby is born pretty much. Most go into the negative afterwards, lol. But in saying that, we are so blessed by so many people that have given to us and the amount of showers we've had. Which brings me to telling you about my 3rd baby shower. Two ladies at work put together such a wonderful shower for Doug and I. As some of you may not know, Doug and I work at the same company and in the same division, Accounting. So the shower was for both of us. One of my good friends Carole and my immediate supervisor, Gwen, put the shower together. It was so great. We received a group gift for those that just wanted to contribute a dollar amount and then we also received several gifts from individuals. The group gift ended up being a gift card and the starter bottle set I had registered for. I was able to purchase our lovely Chicco stroller/carseat combo with the gift card. It was a wonderful blessing. I am so thankful that so many people love us and love our little Emma before she is even here. She is going to know she is so loved!

Thank you Carole and Gwen. You're both the sweetest and I am so appreciative for your support and for throwing the shower for us. :)


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That is the most wonderful thing I have ever read. It truly lets u know just who your friends r. She is going to have so many people to love her and give you guys support. God has truly blessed u with wonderful people to love and help you out. Jennifer is one of those people, if it were not for surrogate mothers so many people would not have the chance to parent. Sure there is adoption but, no one can really say when they will get a child from adoption. I pray to God that he blesses Jennifer so much and many other women like her. For everything Jennifer has done for you guys she will be paid back doubly by God. I am sure that Emma's room is full of everything she needs now and if it is not one hundred percent full that someone who loves you will pitch in just a little more to help you. God gave us friends for a reason. Life would be so dull without friends. Congratulations on all the baby showers and I cant wait to see what she looks like when you post pictures after she makes her arrival!!!!

U don't know me as I have said before but, I love you guys so much and love to watch your happiness!!!!!