Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 weeks 2 days...already!

I was just commenting to Allison that when I was pregnant, 2 weeks seemed like an eternity (think 37 week appt with the OB and he says, NO to inducing you, even tho you are suffering with major heartburn, sleeplessness, constant contractions, and incontinence when you sneeze or cough or have just walked out of the bathroom!). But now that she is here, time is flying! Wonder why that is?!?

Anyway, here are some new pics of the little princess :) I got to visit (and snuggle) today, so of course, I took a few pictures!

Yes, she is smiling! No, its not gas!!

This one is a little odd because its a self-portrait, taken with my iPhone. But it is decent enough to post.

She was awake more than asleep today, even tho the next 2 pics are of her sleeping :)

Allison, you have a beautiful little girl! Good thing she looks like you ;-)

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Jaymee said...

you grow them well jennifer. she is just a perfect little bundle of love!