Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Emma....

This is Jenn, and words cannot express the love I have for this family! I am truly blessed beyond words to have been a part of this wonderful miracle, and am in awe of this beautiful little girl :)

Allison, I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you & Doug! Thank you for allowing me the honor & privilege of carrying this little girl on your behalf, and for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your family. I am humbled beyond words. I will never forget the moment right before her birth, and the moments right afterward - seeing you & Doug become parents in a matter of seconds - wow!!! I love you all so very much!!

6 days old :)

Getting a good stretch

She's such a little snuggle bug!

I think she was a little irritated at me - I took several
pics before this one, with the flash :)


Ivy said...

Emma is such a doll! Jenn, you did such an amazing job carrying Emma & bringing her into this world. Allison, enjoy every single second because Emma will be walking & talking before you know it! Congratulations again you guys!

Allison said...

Jenn, you are the sweetest person. I can't believe Emma will be two weeks old in two days. And I can't believe tomorrow is my first Mother's Day. You made that all possible. I'll always be so grateful for finding you on that website two years ago. God had it all planned out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!