Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Update

Everything is going as it should around here - I'm weaning off of estrogen and my numbers are rising, which means that I'm producing it on my own now :) Yippee!!! Now if I could just be done with the PIO shots, I'd be a really happy camper *sigh*.

Ultrasound is still scheduled for next Weds and I'm anxiously waiting to see Baby B's heartbeat again :) At that u/s, if all is well, we will have surpassed the point of the last pregnancy's miscarriage and I will finally be able to take a little breath. Until then, I'm holding it and praying!


momof4 said...

Happy to hear everything is going so well! That last shot is always a good thing, you will be there soon:) Looking forward to hearing how the U/S goes! Good luck hun!

Krystal said...

Isn't it nice to wean off of meds? :-) I'm sure all will be just fine at the u/s next week. Good luck!