Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ultrasound #3

We had a great OB appointment today! Baby B is perfect and Dr. R said he has allot of confidence that this pregnancy will be a good, long one :)

Baby measured 11w1d (we are 11w2d), and heart rate was 154.

God is so very good!!!! I am feeling truly blessed today :)

Baby looking straight at the U/S wand :) Has his/her right arm up by its head.

Profile of Baby B with its leg straight up in the air - which is where it was for most the u/s! He/she kept jumping, and every time he/she did, his/her arms would go flying. Was so stinkin' cute to see!

A perfect profile :)

Our next appointment is actually scheduled for next Tuesday - it will be our 12 week screen (u/s and labs). Yea for getting to see him/her again so quickly!!!


GHALE said...

OMG...They are SOOOO CUTE!! Aww..congrats on those two adorable babies you are baking so well!

ovenonloan said...

Congrats on great appts! I'm super close to you with my surro pregnancy so I love following your blog and seeing what's going on! :)
Here's to a nice uneventful pregnancy! :)

Krystal said...

Cute pics! And a great update!

momof4 said...

Great update and love the photos! Keep up the good work girl:)