Tuesday, September 13, 2011

22 week update

We had our 22 week appointment today :) Baby's heart rate was 142. I'm not having any complications so no u/s today. But we had the chance to talk with Dr. R about a few things.

My IM asked him whether it was necessary to go see a Perinatologist since this pregnancy is considered "high risk" and wanted his feedback on the topic. He said that many OB's refer to a Peri when they either don't want to spend the extra time with a high risk patient, or don't feel comfortable dealing with a high risk delivery. He said many times its just a matter of their comfort level. His comfort level is high and he said he sees no reason to see a Peri, unless that's what they/we would prefer to do. And while a Peri's u/s can sometimes be more detailed, he has nothing but the utmost confidence in his u/s tech (Angie) and said he has never had a Peri's u/s show anything different than what Angie tells him. So he gave us the name of 2 that he would recommend and left it open to us. (M & I discussed this over lunch and are likely not to add a peri to the mix, but I told them that I would willingly make an appointment if they would feel more comfortable).

We also asked him to clarify the difference between a "complete previa" and a "partial previa" and then asked which I have. He said without hesitation that I currently have a "complete previa" :( All of the u/s we have had show that the cervix is completely covered, and while he said it is still unlikely that this will change, we are hoping & praying that my u/s on the 27th will show differently :)

So, we are still sitting on "wait & see" with no changes for me at this time - basically I do a whole bunch of nothing and just spend my time resting and taking it easy for the time being. The goal is to reach 28 weeks without incident (which is (holy moly Batman!) only 6 weeks away), then begin the steroid shots to help baby mature quicker, and progesterone shots to keep my uterus relaxed. We will be doing lots & lots of u/s at that time, waiting to see how quickly my placenta and baby mature, then deliver by c-section somewhere around 34-36 weeks if we can get that far. So between praying that the placenta will just move, then praying that we can get into December without incident if it doesn't, we are doing lots & LOTS of praying!!!

I'll keep y'all posted :)


Krystal said...

Just take it easy, as you have been, and I'm sure everything will be fine. Keeping you all in my prayers!

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