Wednesday, September 28, 2011

24 weeks!

Yesterday was my 24 week OB appointment & ultrasound. Not much to report this go around - the placenta has moved slightly, but is still just 1/2" away from my cervix, so still too close to plan for a vaginal delivery. Doctor said he is still planning for a scheduled c-section at this point, but said he is hopeful that will change in the coming weeks. I am scheduled for another u/s & OB check in 2 weeks, so only time will tell!

On the other hand, sweet Baby B looked perfectly happy and content to be snuggled in for what we can only pray is the long-haul! We found her way up high, almost underneath my ribs, with her feet folded over her head, so too hard to get a good length measurement. But, she weighs approximately 1.6 pounds already, and the measurements we could get of her bits & pieces shows her to have long legs and a small torso :) Heart rate was still at a firm 143...seems to be her typical rate for the time being.

Thought I'd post a couple of cute pics of Baby B from yesterday's appointment, so enjoy!!!

Smiling for the camera, looking so peaceful :)

Sucking on her fist
(Michael said it looked like she was trying to pick her nose - Men!!)

Precious baby feets :)

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