Tuesday, October 25, 2011

28 week update

Well, more of the same today, with the exception that I got a shot in the booty!

We weren't actually on the schedule for an u/s, so we saw the OB first. Dr. R said that since I'm still truckin' along without any issues, he wanted to postpone the steroid shots until 30w, which would put us closer to our delivery mark. He said that Angie, the u/s tech, told him that it looked like the placenta was trying to move, based on our last scan, so he's hopeful that it will and we can get another 10 weeks or so. But he didn't really say much else, which leads me to believe we are still trekking toward an c-section unless there is a change between now & 35 weeks.

But anyway, after he left, we went to the u/s room and got to watch Baby B for a few minutes. She looked perfectly healthy at 2 pounds 10 ounces, heartrate was 130 (was 137 on the doppler), and measurements were perfect. She didn't seem to want us messing with her tho - her arm and hand were across her face the entire time, so no good pictures this go around. Of course, the placenta is still where we last left it - moved off of the cervix, but the blood vessles are still right on the edge, and therefore too close to comfortably proceed with a vaginal delivery....but I'm holding out hope for better news the next time!

After the u/s, I went back to the room and took the 1st of 5 weekly progesterone shots. I was really worried about it as I'm still so messed up from PIO during the 1st trimester. Oh, and the fact that Dr. R said it would be better and less painful to use the larger gauge needle (18 in stead of 22). He just said that pushing the oil through the smaller needle makes it take longer and hurts more, but I just didn't believe that would be the case. I've been stabbed by the 18 gauge before, and it was very VERY unpleasant! However, I will have to apologize to him at my next visit - I didn't even feel the shot! I am going to insist that this nurse (who happens to be a student) give me all of my injections moving forward....I was sure to tell her what a great job she did :)

And that, my friends, is our 28w update in a nutshell :) Nothing exciting, but boring (for a change) is good :)

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Krystal said...

Good update! I'm glad the shot didn't hurt and hope the other ones go just as smoothly!