Monday, October 3, 2011

The Itch

I can't really say that I have a rash, because its not visible on my skin. But what I can say is that while there is nothing visibly wrong, I can't quit scratching! I have been miserable since Thursday afternoon, and spent the weekend taking Aveeno baths and slathering smelly anti-itch lotion on my entire body. Nothing has helped, unfortunately :( I tried taking Benadryl on Fri morning after my shower, and about all that resulted in taking it was that nothing happened around the house...because I was passed out....for 3 hours....then another 2 1/2 after the kids got home from school - from 1 stinkin' tablet! I can't take Benadryl unless its bedtime. But even that isn't helping really since I spend the night tossing & turning & itching.

The weird thing is that while there is no rash apparent, I can't fathom that this is just a case of dry skin. Its my entire torso, neck, and even inside my ears! I've even tried non-medicated body lotion (the severe dry skin, cocoa butter kind), and haven't had much relief. Any experienced pregnant mamas ever have a situation like this???

I think I'm calling my OB again this AM - called on Fri and nothing she's suggested has worked :(

*Update: I've been to the OB and they are running some labs. Once we get the results, I post an update. But until then, I am asking my friends and blog readers to say a prayer that the results are negative and that all will be OK. Thanks!


Andrea said...

Interesting!! One of my girlfriends had these symptoms during pregnancy and it ended up being Cholestasis. Not sure if there is treatment though? I think she suffered throughout her entire pregnancy and then it went away after delivery. Hoping your blood work comes back OK! Keep us posted.

CSGirl said...

I had this with both my girls. The midwives couldn't pin down what it was, just gave me creams and lotions to soak myself in. A cool bath or shower worked nicely, only problem was I never wanted to get out! It was like having invisible chicken pox!! Only cure was delivery. Thankfully it was just in my 8th and 9th months so I didn't suffer endlessly.