Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just 2 more sleeps!

And the little miracle will be here, in her mommy & daddy's arms, where so belongs!!!

Yesterday was my final OB check, at 36w2d. We didn't have an ultrasound, but all of my stats and baby's were exactly where they should be. I talked to Dr. R and got specifics about a few odds & ends regarding the c-section. Turns out that I will be given a "spinal" rather than an epidural, which will leave me completely numb for about 24 hours - sounds good to me! After the numbness wears off, the nurses will be getting me up & moving (uugghh!!!) and then we'll be doing oral pain management. And depending on how that goes, I may get to go home as early as Christmas day!! Altho, knowing me and my lack of a pain thresh-hold, I may be there until Monday, who knows?

Today I did the pre-op blood tests and my blood pressure was super-low (surprisingly). I have about 6 loads of laundry to tackle before bed, and will be squeezing in dinner at some point.

Tomorrow I will be packing the kiddos up for what may be a 7-8 day vacation from home. They will stay with my in-laws on Thursday night, which will allow for me to be at the hospital by 7:30AM on Friday. My MIL will bring them up to the hospital Fri evening after everything & everyone has settled in at the hospital. Hubby will have them on Fri night, then they will be tossed around on Sat between hubby and my in-laws, and will celebrate Christmas eve at their house. Home again with daddy to sleep in their own beds, then up (at the crack of dawn) to see what Santa has brought. Michael will then load them up and take them to my sister's house for a day to be spent with my family, including their grandparents :) From there, everything gets foggy, as much will depend on when I am released from the hospital, but next week will be a fun week for them with my sister and her fiance', likely in Austin! I'm really looking forward to the quiet time at home to rest and recuperate before they return and we gear up for a few crazy weeks of me not being allowed to drive, but juggling schedules.

Hm, should be an interesting next month around here! But, bring it on!!! I'm ready :)


Susan said...

Good luck. You will do fine with the section. Hang in there.

braejuma said...

Looking forward to hearing about the birth!!! All the best for a quick recovery!!!! And Merry Christmas!

Michael said...

So close. Hope to see a couple pictures of the new arrival.

Heidi said...

So exciting! Have a merry Christmas and enjoy every moment.