Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surrogacy = Hurry Up and Wait!

This is Jenn :)

A year ago, when I initially thought about being a GS, had someone told me, "You'll spend most of your surro journey waiting", I think I would have laughed and not taken them very seriously. But I was thinking about it today: Allison & I met almost a year ago, and I think 85% of the last 11 months has been waiting around...not on each other, but on something that we have no control over - and it hasn't just been 1 thing! Seriously...I waited until we were both certain we wanted to build a relationship together...we had to wait for my testing to be completed and to get the green light...we had to wait on the attorney and the contract...wait on the court date...wait on the PBO...wait for our calendars...wait for hormones to level out...wait for the "virus"...and now we are waiting on calendars again! Uuuggghhh!!!!!

And you know the best part about all of this? We are in such a hurry to get our calendars so that that we can...wait to get to the transfer, so that we can....wait to do a home pregnancy test because we are too impatient to...wait for BETA's (the blood test they do to see if you are pregnant), only to...wait for an U/S to see how many babies there are in my "rented womb"...then wait another 7-8 months to meet the baby or babies face to face!

Just shoot me now....


Wewurtskihit said...

yup - the waiting part is sure a pain. BUT the final outcome is worth ALL the waiting!!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

All in God's time!

Membership Required said...

I think all this waiting is growing the incredible bond that is needed for such a contract between two families. I think God is on your side even if his timing isnt in the way you wanted it to tick tock by. Waiting makes a lot of things better. Think about all the things you waited for and I bet you will reflect on some happy times because you did. ML
On another note...we the readers are "waiting" too. Grin.