Friday, January 16, 2009

We're Officially Official!

We had our day in court and got the final approval of the PBO (pre-birth order), so I guess you can say that not only have we signed our contracts and finalized everything, but we are now officially recognized by the courts and have gotten a judge to sign-off on our journey!

All 4 of us had to attend the hearing this morning in downtown Houston, and after a little coaching from the attorney met with the "associate judge" to be officially heard and questioned. He had such a nice face that I was immediately at-ease, but still uncertain as to what things he might require. Thankfully, no home studies were requested and other than him being certain that we all knew what we were doing, he approved the PBO and sent us on our way.

Hallelujah! Transfer day is just weeks away!!!! We're all thinking "sticky thoughts" :)


heather bells said...

Yay! Congratulations! I cannot wait to have all the legal "stuff" behind us too...I know it's a load off everyone's minds.

Judy said...

Wow - there's way more involved in simply giving of yourself here! I didn't realize it was a court thing, too! Congrats!

Membership Required said...

Praises! God is so good. I think He is thinking sticky thoughts too.