Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures & Updates

This is Jenn:

In case you don't see it, the 1st picture has a label in the upper right corner showing a heart rate of 171! An old wives tale would indicate this little baby is a girl...hmmmm..... These photos were taken yesterday of Baby O - we are 8 weeks 3 days today and the baby looks spectacular!

And OK, I've been told that I need to update, so here we go!

Within the last week, I've developed what I lovingly refer to as "night sickness". Its no fun and totally ruins an evening of laying around watching TV :( I haven't actually thrown up tho, so that's a positive right? I just feel like I could/should/would if I didn't concentrate so hard on not doing it. I HATE getting "sick" so I exhaust myself concentrating on not running to the toilet.

And another relatively new eating patterns are totally bizarre too! I have to eat what sounds good, which means that I eat at weird times and in weird combinations. And we have been eating out ALLOT lately too. I have a fridge & freezer full of food, but when it comes time for dinner, what I want is usually not what I have on-hand. So, we've been doing allot of take-out and restaurant hopping. I've discovered (the hard way) that if I eat what is here, or what isn't my 1st choice, I end up feeling very sick. The family is already very tired of Tex-Mex...Alex informed us tonight that if we were going for Mexican, he wanted to take his own turkey & cheese sandwich. Lucky for him he got pizza :)

The other day my meal plan was as follows:
Breakfast - chicken minis & hash browns (from Chick Fil A)
Lunch - Cheetos and a nectarine
Late Lunch - Croissant BLT and a Cherry Limeade (from Sonic)
Dinner - Pappasitos bean soup and Cheetos

On another day I ate an entire pineapple (like the ENTIRE THING!) and a can of Double Noodle-O's soup (yes, the whole thing!). Just totally weird.

A good piece of news is that I stopped my PIO shots today! With a healthy baby and a good report on the ultrasound, the IVF nurse told me that I could stop with the projesterone injections and begin using projesterone suppositories. I'll take gross & inconvenient over the pain of the PIO any day! My poor, red, swollen, knotted-up booty is going to appreciate the reprieve :)

Well, I think that's about all of the "news" I have for now. The baby is growing, I am surviving, and Allison & Doug are parents :) Yep, that about sums it up!!

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Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Miss B's heartrate was 171 at 8 weeks too! But I think that's it's more about what's going on with the little ticker between 8-10 weeks more than anything else. When it starts to slow down entering into the second trimester, that's when I will give my prediction about Baby O!

Allison - look at your little babe! Love the ultrasound pics!

Feel better Jennifer. I had a little giggle about what you are eating....slighty on the random side. I bet you are so relieved that the PIO is over and done with.