Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, do you or don't you???

She doesn't. M doesn't want to know what my HPT results have been, so therefore you don't get to know either! But its safe to say I have tested, quite a few times actually. And no, that's not a give-away to whether they've been negative or positive, because when they are positive, I keep testing (because I inherited my friend Jenni's sickness for HPT's), and when they are negative, I keep testing in hopes of seeing a positive! So yes, I've been testing...allot...since 4dp. Yes, that's early to test, but its MY sickness and I'll do with it what I please, thank you very much!!!

Stay tuned...BETA is in just 2 days... Sunday @ 7:30AM. Results will be in just a few hours past that.


Laura said...

My IM doesn't want to know either:(. Lucky for me she isn't on the internet! I am only 3dp5dt. How many did you transfer?

Susan said... could just email those of us that want to know. :)