Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today was our first scheduled u/s and we are considered to be 7w2d at this point. And to my relief (and yes, tears) we saw a beautiful little heartbeat. The baby measured 7w0d and the heart rate was 134 - perfect for this stage! The RE said everything looked OK, but she said she would watching the yolk sac, as it measured "on the large side of normal". When the IF asked her why this would be of concern, she explained that generally an enlarged yolk sac indicates chromosomal abnormalities and could point toward miscarriage. *sigh* So, while we got to take a quick breath and a sigh of relief, we are back to holding our breaths and waiting another dreaded 2 weeks for our next u/s to see if this little one will continue to grow strong while the yolk sac shrinks!

Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers...please keep 'em coming! This roller coaster ride isn't over yet!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another beta....

...yes, ANOTHER beta :) We have postponed the ultrasound that was originally scheduled for today because of a schedule conflict for my IP's. In lieu of having a confirmation u/s today tho, they agreed to allow me to do another beta so that I could try to put my mind at ease a bit while waiting.

Drum-roll please....

Today's beta was 5021 :) We were hoping to see at least 4080 (based on the last beta doubling appropriately). So we surpassed what we were hoping for!

God is so very good!!! Based on the numbers, it appears we have a healthy, viable pregnancy :) Now we just need to get to 7w2d and that darn u/s so that we can see a beautiful heartbeat!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


This morning was our 4th beta and the hope was that it would be around the 150 mark. It took the office 4 hours to call us with my results - I was a basket case by that point!! But we finally got the good news we were praying for - the beta more than doubled and was 170!!! Praise the Lord!!!

So now we are in the "wait" stage 2 - waiting for ultrasound, scheduled for Mon the 23rd. I will be 6w1d at that point, so we are praying that we not only see a sweet little pea in my pod, but a strong heartbeat to go with it.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers!! Keep 'em coming :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

3rd Beta...

....is 79! We are heading in the right direction!!! Going back bright & early on Saturday for another blood draw. If we hit around 150, they will schedule ultrasound :) Guessing it will be around 5/23 as we will be 6w1d at that stage.

Thank you all for the emails & prayers! Keep 'em coming...this is a roller coaster ride I wasn't anticipating....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2nd Beta Results

Short & sweet...the beta went up! We are now at 44.6 - not quite double, but still up from 2 days ago. This sweet little pumpkin is doing its best to hold-on and stick around! We have another beta scheduled for Thursday :) Please pray that number continues to rise!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Unexpected Yummmmm!!!

Look what arrived this afternoon!
(and yes, there was 1 already missing when I took this picture!)

I love my IP's so much :) You guys rock!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Results are In!

I started testing at 4dp5dt, which is way early, but I couldn't help myself. I had allot of cramping this time around, and early on, and was really hoping to see an early positive! Well, instead of seeing the pretty pink 2nd line, I was seeing nothing but the control line. For 3 days and 7 tests, nothing. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. With this result at this stage (4dp, 5dp & 6dp) I had pretty much convinced myself that the transfer must have failed. I wanted to be mentally prepared for the negative beta so I stopped testing and had reconciled myself the fact that I wouldn't be hearing good news. I had 2 more tests so I decided I would do one on Sat night and the 2nd on Sun morning.

BUT, thanks to my surro friend Jenni, she convinced me to test again on Fri (7dp), for no other reason than I was feeling horribly nauseous. She was convinced it would be positive! So when I finally got home, I peed on a stick, threw it on the bathroom counter and walked away. About an hour later when I went back into the bathroom, I glanced at the test and thought I saw something...so held it up and looked, and squinted, and stared, and changed the angles a million times. I definitely saw an ever-so-faint-barely-there 2nd line! So, this made me obsess...and I tested more. Every test resulted in a slightly darker, yet still faint, positive.

Ok, so now I had hope again....I couldn't decide if this was good or bad! If the beta was negative, then we'd know the ++ HPT's were just a fluke. And if the beta was positive, would a low number give me more hope or less?

Well, I have my answer....beta this morning at 9dp5dt resulted in 25.6. Our clinic likes to see at least 50, so VERY low, but a positive beta! So, I am chosing to be cautiously optimistic at this point, and will wait & see what happens with Tuesday's repeat beta. I am praying that I am definitely pregnant and not dealing with a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum or another potential miscarriage situation, and am hopeful that this little baby wants to stick around for the next 36 weeks and make my uterus his/her new home!

Prayers are appreciated - obviously :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, do you or don't you???

She doesn't. M doesn't want to know what my HPT results have been, so therefore you don't get to know either! But its safe to say I have tested, quite a few times actually. And no, that's not a give-away to whether they've been negative or positive, because when they are positive, I keep testing (because I inherited my friend Jenni's sickness for HPT's), and when they are negative, I keep testing in hopes of seeing a positive! So yes, I've been testing...allot...since 4dp. Yes, that's early to test, but its MY sickness and I'll do with it what I please, thank you very much!!!

Stay tuned...BETA is in just 2 days... Sunday @ 7:30AM. Results will be in just a few hours past that.