Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aunt Flo

Meds have been good so far :) I'm not suffering with major, long-term Lupron headaches this time around, so I'm a happy girl! If I get a headache, it shows up around 3ish and is just a dull ache - that I can live with for a few weeks!

Anyway, I stopped my BCP's on Wednesday and was scheduled to meet Aunt Flo around day 3 - today is day 3 and she arrived right on schedule :) So I have contacted the IVF clinic and will begin the next step in the med cycle on Mon - continuing the Lupron but cutting the dosage in 1/2, adding 1 Vivelle dot (estrogen patch) every other day, and taking 1 tiny baby aspirin.

November 19th is coming up fast!!

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Christina said...

How awesome and exciting!!!
The time will fly...I know mine did! This is my first go-around so it's all new to me..but going well...
I see that on your pic of the seems everyone has progesterone injections...I have vaginal inserts instead?? Wonder why?? either way...exciting!!