Monday, February 9, 2009

My injections - my first picture ever - really

This is Allison:

I figured I should get good use of my new camera. That I've had for over 3 weeks now and just last week opened the box. Procrastinator you say? Yes, that's me. Just tonight I learned (by the instruction booklet) how to upload pic's onto my computer. I am so not technology oriented. I hope I'm better at the Moma thing than technology. :)

Here is a pic of the meds that I'll be taking and one that I have already started. The one I'm on now is Lupron (on the left). In the middle beside it is the Menopur. Beside that is the Gonal F. I should be starting both of those Saturday if my Wednesday appointment goes well. Meaning that my estrogen is below 80. Pray!!! Then the nice Sharps Container in the back right along with tons and tons of needles and alcohol wipes. Along with my wooden spoon collection. Geez, why didn't I move that? Then in the very front, lying down, is the trigger shot. This is one of most important shots. I'll take this one at the precise time the clinic determines. This is the shot that tells me to start releasing the eggs or something to that effect. Then the egg retrieval is done within 36 hrs. AND this is the shot that darling Dougie gets to give me. This is the only intramuscular shot I have to receive, while Jenn has to take tons of the PIO for weeks on end. She is such a trooper and I admire her greatly. I have asked Doug several times if he thinks he can give me the shot and he says sure and just seems to blow me off. Yesterday morning I said, I have something really serious to ask you. His eyes bugged out and he got a scared look on his face. I said, do you "really" think you can give me this shot? Seriously? And he looked so relieved and said, uh, yeah!!! I thought something was really wrong. I'll just jab it in your butt. Well, something is going to be really wrong if this shot doesn't get injected properly. I don't really like that he's saying, I'll just "jab" it in your butt. Jab? Isn't that a boxing term??? So...there's something else to pray for too. That I get a good injection by my jabbing husband. Lordy. Sometimes I feel like giving him a left hook and an upper cut. (It must be late, I'm getting silly)

I really can't believe that this time in only 2 weeks could be the egg retrieval and the transfer. Wow, that makes my insides all crazy feeling. I'm so excited. Can you tell?

Jenn, post the pic of your meds too, purty please :)


Anonymous said...

That's funny because I'm planning on the 'jab' technique for Jennifer too, so I'm right there with Doug! :-) I'm just hoping I don't pass out when I do it.

heather bells said...

I can't even talk about the trigger shot with my husband without him looking pale. I'm on the lookout for a friend who is not afraid of needles to give it to me :)

Allison said...

Michael - hold onto the needle, I could just see you hitting the floor and Jenn still has a needle in her hiney. Yikes!!!!


Jennifer said...

I think I'm going to call-in backup the first time he gives it to me. Jenni lives right around the corner, and I'm going to have her bring the smelling know, just in case :)