Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is Allison

Tonight was different than all of the other nights of injecting myself with Lupron. That's because Dougie did it. :) I think I mentioned before my reservations I have about him giving me the trigger shot, so I thought I would see if he wanted to get some practice. I know it's way early, but practice makes perfect doesn't it? When I yelled out to him from the kitchen to see if he wanted to come give me the shot, I really did not expect him to say "sure." But he did. So, I explained to him to just do a quick flick of the wrist and not "jab" it in hard. I pinched my inch (trust me, I can get more than an inch - but that's another topic I ain't talking about) and he injected it. He pulled back a little too far, but he did ok with it. I actually didn't even feel it. But I had to be a little dramatic and say, "ouch" and he looked like he felt so bad. He said, I'm sorry, did I do it wrong. Then I said, no, but you did pull back a little far, but I didn't feel it.

It was kinda sweet in a weird kinda way. :) At least he's taking some little part in us getting to our end result. When he finished with the shot, he gave me a sweet kiss and a big ole hug. I love that feller!

Anyone reading: Please extra prayers for my U/S and bloodwork Thursday. Estrogen and progesterone need to be low.

Thanks everyone........


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Jennifer said...

I have tried to get Michael to give me my injection, but he refuses. He says he would rather wait until he "has" to do it, which worries me some because I'd prefer a practice run with the tiny needle first!!! Maybe Doug can encourage him to do the Lupron injection first :)

Judy said...

Hope everything goes well this week - thinking of all of you!