Monday, February 23, 2009

Praying for a Good Week!

This is Jenn:

Its Monday morning, and I am exhausted, but hopeful that both Allison & I will have good reports this week from the doctor! My appt is at 10:30, and as soon as the bus comes for Morgann, I will be jumping into the shower.

Like Allison said, I am going in for a quick check, to be sure that everything (with me) is in order and going well. I've been in a holding-pattern for the last 3 weeks, but on meds (Lupron and estrogen patches) for the last 6 weeks. Week before last, I started having some discomfort in my lower abdomen, then last week it intensified a little more. It has only been off & on, and not constant, but with my history of ovarian cysts, it has started to worry me a bit. So, when Allison was told last week that she would have to continue on the same course for another week, I figured it was time for me to ask for a check-up to be sure that everything is OK. The last thing we need is for her to finally be on track hormonally, only for me to cause more delays!

So, we are crossing our fingers and praying for a good report for me today. I will update more when I get home this afternoon. The bus just arrived, so I am off to the showers :)

Thanks for your prayers!!!


My appointment went really well this morning, ending with good news - my ovaries look great, my uterine lining is nice & think (TMI?), and with the exception of waiting on blood work results, all seems well!


Just got the call from the IVF clinic that my estrogen level is right on-target and that everything with me is A-OK :) Barb, the nurse, said that she is expecting that everything should finally be settling with Allison's hormone levels this week (she actually said a spike in estrogen & progesterone isn't all that uncommon and they've dealt with this allot in the past), so if we get the good news we are all waiting for on Thursday after A's appointment, we will be on-target for a 2nd week of March transfer - probably around the date of my SIL's bridal shower that I am supposed to be co-hostessing :) Oh well!!! I'll forgo the shower to get pregnant...

Keep praying everyone! I really believe that this is going to be OUR week - finally!!!


Membership Required said...

everything is crossed!

Judy said...

Thanks for keeping us updated - it is wonderful to watch this story unfold.

Membership Required said...

that's good news. I bet your SIL will understand....if she doesnt day she'll want a baby and then she will know what missing the shower meant.