Monday, March 23, 2009

BETA before Transfer???

This is Jenn

For those of you not in the surrogacy world or the medical field, a BETA is the blood work-up they do to verify pregnancy. And yes, I had a BETA this morning, but that is not normal!

My morning started out very rough, with Morgann totally falling apart on me as I pushed her out the door for the bus while she screamed and squealed about staying home. My poor babysitter walked her onto the bus, where the bus driver pried her hands off of the babysitter! AAAHHH!!! So, not feeling like the best mommy in the world, I left for my doctor's appointment.

When I arrived my bottom barely touched the chair in the waiting room before they called me back. And there I sat for about 10 minutes, which is unusual. Anyway, the ultrasound tech walked in and began "browsing" around and measuring my uterine lining, nothing unusual there. But, she also measured a very small, round empty space right in the center of my uterus, that I didn't remember seeing before. She then told me to dress, then head to the lab for my estrogen check-up, which I did. And there I sat for another 10 minutes, wondering what the heck the hold-up was since the phlebotomist was just sitting there reading a magazine?

Shortly afterward the U/S tech came in and asked that I return to the exam room for another U/S. She said that the "blank space" she measured was a little odd, so one of the doctors wanted to check it out. "Um, OK, is that bad?" I asked. "No, not necessarily" was her response. How reassuring I thought... So, I undress and "assume the position" again, and the doctor starts the 2nd U/S. He zeros in on the "space" and begins measuring and looking and measuring and looking some more. So after about 2 minutes of this, I finally ask, "what is it that you are looking at, or for?".

"Well, this little space (and he points at the screen) looks very much like an early-stage pregnancy. How long have you been on your meds?".

Um-what?!? Huh???? I begin to panic and ask, "How would that be possible?" - you know since I've been on meds that prevent my body from doing anything its designed to do naturally, since January!!!! Oh, and lets not forget the tubaligation I had the day after Ian was born!!!

He just smiles and says, "Well, if you are pregnant, we'll be writing lots of papers about you!" And he walks out, leaving me to re-dress and stagger to the lab.

There I am greeted by a laughing nurse who says to the phlebotomist, "On top of the estrogen check, we need to do a BETA." At this stage I just look at her and say, "This isn't even slightly funny, Barb!!! This is wrong on so many levels, you just don't have any idea!!!". She just keeps laughing and says, "If it comes back positive, we're going to start calling you Mary. Its probably just a fluid sack, but we're being diligent and verifying, just to be 100% sure." And she laughs again. She also informs me that the fluid-filled area won't have any negative bearing on our transfer and that once we get the lab results for Allison & myself today, we'll be moving forward with "trigger" meds, probably beginning tomorrow. We took a few quick minutes to go over my med calendar again, then I left, still staggering a bit more and slightly pale, even though I'd been told multiple times that a pregnancy was almost impossible. It was the "almost" that had me going crazy!

So, just hours later, I got the call that said, very simply, "You aren't pregnant!" :) Can I just tell you those are the 3 most beautiful words I've heard all day!!!! But seriously, after all of this, that really is the last time I want to hear them for the next 9 months, ok????


heather bells said...

Ha! Ha! Well, I hope you hear the exact opposite in a couple weeks ;)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Talk about a crazy Monday, right? We look forward to the next time you take that test, and report back to us with the OPPOSITE results!