Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good news today

This is Allison

I had my first dr appt this morning since starting the stimming meds on Saturday. It was only for bloodwork this time. My estrogen was at 121. The nurse said I was responding well to the meds. Yippee!!! It seems to finally be working. What a relief. I had some doubt in the back of my head that the nurse would call and say, well, something's wrong. I hate those doubting emotions. I go back in for an U/S and bloodwork on Friday morning. I believe they will be checking to see how many follicles I have produced, or something like that. :) She also said that she didn't see me doing my trigger shot before Sunday or Monday. Man, I'm so anxious to figure out the dates. My emotions are all over the place. I just keep thinking that Doug and I could be parents before the end of 2009. What a joy that would be!

Jenn had an appt today as well. I hope she writes about it. I miss her funny sense of humor in her writing. :) I know she'll have lots to say once she's pregnant with the Obert baby. Awww.....doesn't that sound sweet?

One of our dear friends calls it Operation Obert!!!! Baby making time!!!!


This is Jenn ~ Yes, we both received the good news today, since we both had to make a visit to the IVF clinic. I had my blood drawn AND got the joy of the ultrasound - and not on top of the tummy, if you know what I mean! Anyway, my lining should be at 7 (mm?) and my blood-estrogen level should be above 300. If this were a test, I'd be acing it :) My lining is a "beautiful, fluffy" 13.2 and my blood-estrogen level is almost 600! Yea for me!!! I will be going back in on Monday - we think - for another U/S and lab work, just to be sure nothing has drastically changed. I think I am now officially paranoid that I am going to do something wrong...

For now, we are pretty much sitting on "GO" and waiting for the trigger shot that Allison will get to stick into her booty :) Well, Doug or Jenni will get to stick into her booty :) Our problem is that we don't know when the trigger will be! This is where Allison's frustration comes into play - the fact that she cannot put a concrete date onto one of her *many spreadsheets is really bothering her, huh Allison! *you know I couldn't resist mentioning it!

I was told by our IVF nurse that once they get the right "results" from Allison's blood work-ups, they will instruct her to take her "trigger shot" which will cue the ovaries to release her eggs (I think?). Her egg retrieval (ER) will be 36 hours later, so the trigger shot has to be at a very precise time. Anyway, once they do the ER, we will count 3 more days (i.e. - if the trigger is on Sunday, then ER will be sometime on Tues, then you count Weds, Thurs, Fri). On day 3 (in this case, Friday), they will check the embabies to see how many there are and how good they are (quality-wise, not behavior-wise) and will decide whether to continue to let them grow to day 5, or to do the transfer on day 3. Apparently the more embryos there are, and the better quality they are, the longer they let them grow before selecting the 2 best for transfer, then freezing the rest for later.

It is all of this "maybe this" or "maybe that" and "possibly then" or "maybe later" stuff that has us all in a tizzy! No one can make any definite plans at this stage, because its all a very scientific guessing game. Are we having fun yet?!?


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

So glad to hear good news!

Jaymee said...

that is wonderful news!! i am so excited for you!!

Allison said...

Yes Jenn - I'm a little of a goober with my silly spreadsheets. I'm addicted to them. :) (I'm fooling myself into thinking I'm organized when I do them). Which is even more gooberish. Is that a word?

Membership Required said...

Yahoo!!!! I still think you all need a button. Contact Jennisa, she'll help make a really good one!!!

Emily said...

Very exciting news!