Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh my goodness

This is Allison

Wow....when Jenn called me and told me what she had been through this morning with the beta test, I had to laugh. ONLY because she had the results by the time she told me. Otherwise, I probably would have fainted, thrown up or who knows what else. Soiled my drawers?? Oh wow. I could tell she had been a nervous wreck until Barb called with the confirmation that she wasn't pregnant. It's weird, because just a few months ago I had read an article of a surrogate carrying a baby to full term, then the Intended Parents having a DNA test done and finding out it was the surrogate and her husband's baby. How in the high heavens does that happen? Seriously? Whew......anyways, glad it's not a least yet. We DO want to hear those awesome words of "you're pregnant" in a few weeks. Those will be the most wonderful words to hear.

Well, just a small update on my side........I went in this morning for an U/S and labs to see what the follicles measured. I have 7 large ones (which is great) and 3 medium ones (which is till ok). After looking at the labs and the U/S results, they decided to wait one more day to see if the medium ones would grow to larger ones by keeping me on meds one more day. They want this to be as successful as it can do we. So....I go back in tomorrow morning again, then I'll be doing the trigger shot tomorrow evening. I'm going to get our (mine and Jenn's) nurse friend to give me the shot. She's so sweet to do it for me. That's not saying I don't trust Dougie, but seriously, this is THE most important shot out of all of the meds. This is the one that tells the eggs to be released or something or another. It has to be done at the EXACT time the clinic tells me to do it. This is all a major timing thing. So, if I trigger at 10:30 tomorrow evening, I have to be at the clinic at 8:00am for a 9:00am retrieval. Oh my, it's really happening. I'm getting so excited and nervous and all kinds of other stuff all rolled up in one.

If the egg retrieval is Thursday, then the transfer could either be Sunday or Tuesday, depending on the quality of the embryos.

Please say extra prayers that we have good quality and everything works out just like it is supposed to.

Jenn........this is what we have been waiting for all of these months. :) Operation Baby Obert in full swing, stand by for take off!!!!! (this is what our nurse friend has named our mission - I love it!!!)


Allison said...
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R said...

Will be praying for you guys to get lots of eggies.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

AAAAAAA! This is getting exciting! You're in my prayers!

Jaymee said...


i am so excited for you!!!!!