Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is Jenn:

Ever wonder what it feels like to have a needle stuck into the top of your head? How about the little crease in between your big toe and the one next to it (what's the called, the pointer toe?). And all over your abdomen, a few in the arm & hand, and, oh yes, my favorite, in your ears?

The special appointment that Allison referred to in her previous post was acupuncture. And yes, Allison, Doug & I all went to our first appointment on Saturday, and it was very enlightening. And VERY relaxing - yes, even the one in the head! I was truly surprised by how much it didn't hurt - well except for the ears, and she warned me about them before she did it, then waited to see if the stinging would stop - and it did :)

Before going in, I had it all figured out in my mind - I would go in, lay down with my ear buds in my ears so that I could tune out the world - and the fact that Sheri was pushing little needles into my skin, all over my body - and focus on my music. Yeah, didn't happen! We chatted, she told me to lay back, and she started, all while continuing to chat. I was shocked at how fast it all went, and when she was done, she turned out the light, turned on some calming "music" and left the room.! I think I actually took a few minutes' nap :)

And then it was over - until tomorrow when I go in for my 2nd appointment!

The reason? Research has shown great improvement in assisted reproduction (IVF) and infertility treatments when acupuncture is involved. Dramatic improvements actually! It increases blood flow throughout the body, causes the uterus to relax more (especially when you do a treatment directly after transfer, which we are planning to do), reduces the chance of miscarriage or rejection of the embabies, increases ovarian production (egg-making) in egg donors and intended mothers, "swimmer" motility for intended fathers, etc. So, with a recommendation from a surro friend who is currently preggo with twin girls (after having a failed chemical pregnancy about a year ago), we decided to give it a try! Why not? If it will only improve our chances for pregnancy on the 1st try, then we'll do whatever it takes, right guys???

More to come...stay tuned! We're getting closer to our transfer date...first appointments for suppression checks and lining checks next week - woohoo!!! Keep the prayers coming!!!!

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