Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Update

This is Jenn:

Michael & I went for our labs today; he didn't' faint, or even almost faint this time :) And, before he jumps me for saying that, I should clarify that he didn't faint the last time either - just almost! I'm so proud!! Labs were done more than 6 months ago, so that's why we had to have them done again. This isn't a good thing when you are a needle-phobe like my sweet DH. But, they are testing for communicable diseases...I'm pretty sure that since we didn't have any last time, we're still good, but the FDA is so picky about this sort of thing! Although, I hope I didn't inadvertently pick something up from drinking out of the stray water bottle that was left on the table in the waiting room today! (yes, I picked it up, took a big drink, put the lid back on, then almost lost it when I realized that I didn't bring my water bottle inside with me!!!)

And, on the injectional front (don't think that's a word is it?), I'd like to say that 2 days of Lupron shots have resulted in no headaches!

I probably just jinxed myself, huh? Where's the Tylenol...

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Allison said...

Oh my gosh, i hate to say it, but the thing about the water was really funny. Because I could see me doing that and freaking out. Glad no headaches, woohoo!