Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Calendars

Here are our calendars I have taped to my bathroom mirror. Though I am thrilled every time I get to mark out a day with my sharpie(!), I am scared about getting closer to that last week when the stimulation meds begin and the "big gun" needles are brought out. These are some hard core drugs people! BTW, as you can see, compared to Jenn's calendar (hers is on the right), what I have to take is *nothing*!! I just want the next couple of weeks to be over with!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, mine looks way scarier, but really, still just 1 belly shot each day and the rest is oral, or a sticker on my skin :) Here's hoping your next round of shots are a piece of cake!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! can I ask how long contracts took total from when you first received them to when you signed? thanks! taylor