Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Overdue

This is Jenn:

And here I am!  I live!!!  Barely, but I live :)

I've been extremely neglectful of posting, but I have allot on my plate at the moment, so sitting here at the computer hasn't happened much.

So, here's my update in a nutshell:  I started meds just a few weeks ago, and all has been good so far.  No Lupron headaches, no mood-swings, and no other side effects that I know of.  I did have a weird achy-leg thing happen (felt like the flu but I felt totally normal), but that passed with a few doses of Ibuprofen (which I had permission to take from my NC).  Thankfully, its been smooth sailing so far....maybe its just that I knew what to anticipate this time around, so that's helped?  Who knows....

Anyway, after a week on Lupron, I went in for my lining check and labs...a week too soon.  My NC (nurse coordinator) gave me the wrong date :-/  So, rather than waste the trip (of 65 miles), we went ahead and did my FDA labs and a pelvic swab (TMI?) to rule-out all of the communicable diseases that we had already ruled out with the CDC labs!  Go figure...the government (FDA) is repeating labs that we just ran less than 2 weeks ago....just in case they missed something the 1st time around?!?

So, this past Friday was my REAL lining check and first labs.  Lining measured a beautiful 11.3 :)  So, my body is responding just as it should, so far!  I haven't heard back on my estradiol (estrogen) level, so I'm just assuming no news is good news for the time being.  Before the lining check I had a bit of spotting for a few days, so I was worried that maybe my measurement might not be what it should, but the doc and NC said the spotting was likely caused by hormone flux and nothing more.

And on a personal level, last week was just flat-out rough.  Michael had an out-of-town training class in ATX last week, so he left on Monday.  On Tuesday (8/6) I started a new job - not quite full time since I'm off on Monday, but that will likely change by January.  All 3 of my kiddos got sick - started with the youngest who came home from church camp on the prior Saturday sick with a cold, then spread to my daughter Morgann, then my oldest, Alex, a few days later.  By Thursday, Morgann's asthma had kicked into high-gear and she had to call me home around lunch for help.  I did a breathing treatment with her and her wheezing subsided enough for me to return to work.  But, by the time I returned home Thursday night, she was in bad shape, so I called the pediatrician who sent us to the ER.  Lucky for us, we got to spend 6 hours there!  By the time we made it home Friday morning, it was a little after 3, and I was back up at 8:30 getting ready to leave for work.  Don't know exactly how I managed, but I did, and we all spent a good weekend resting and recovering.

On the horizon is another lining scan and estradiol check tomorrow morning, and I am prayerfully hopeful that all will still look good!  I will do my best to update again when I have those results :)

For now, I'm off to bed....G'night!

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