Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is This What a Hen Feels Like Before She Lays Eggs?

I have never been so bloated in my life. I do, in fact feel like I am about to lay eggs... which tomorrow, I will! Or at least they will be extracted and placed into test tubes.
My follicles are huge. My lining is super thick. And my estrogen is sky high. To recap:

Monitoring Appointment from last Friday:
Follicles that were measured ranged from 9.5mm to 14.6mm (that's millimeters in area, I learned)
Estrogen: 953

Monday Appointment:
Follicles ranged from 12.4-19.1mm
Lining: 14mm

Tuesday Appointment:
Follicles ranged from 13.2-23.8 mm
Lining: 18.1mm
Estrogen: (drum roll...) a whopping 4,223

The doctor said it was time to trigger (!) when she saw the 23.8mm follicle (my overachiever). They will retrieve everything they can, but she thinks eggs that are in follicles measuring more than 15mm may be the more mature ones.

I was so relieved when she told me to trigger yesterday! It meant we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and could schedule our retrieval day for Thursday.

Here's Marc getting ready to give me a shot in my butt. This was the trigger shot that needed to be given at exactly 10pm last night, 34 1/2 hours before retrieval. It contains HcG, which will cause me to ovulate.

Here's my Sharps container, where I've been putting all my used needles. Filled up with over forty needles, I brought this with me to my blood appointment today where they measured my HcG levels, so that they can dispose of it.


Karen, Nana said...

Yea!! The day is almost here! So excited for you guys. Praying all goes well.

Krystal said...

Almost time!!! Good luck!