Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Baby's First Report Card

So we were up bright and early this morning (again) at HIVF *in case* it was determined we were going to have a three day transfer.  Thankfully, it was decided that it would be a five day transfer.  We needed to be there and ready just in case, as the clinic is only open for two hours on Sundays.

Our embryology report (aka our baby's first report card!) looks like this:

To sum up, there are still eleven embryos.  The last four with four and five cells aren't looking too hot.  I read somewhere that they have a 10-15% chance of surviving, but I don't know if that's if they were transferred today or just in general.  It looks like we have four really good ones (eight cell) and two good ones (seven cell) at this point.  I don't know what the 4 and 4- marks mean since I don't know HIVF's grading system.

After getting there and being sent home, we decided to have breakfast together!

Today is Day 3, and our embryos (ideally having eight cells) should look like this:

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