Wednesday, September 18, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Ultrasound....

....and I am still peeing on tests :)  

This one is a video that you should watch :)  For those that aren't pee-a-holics (or surrogates), this might be something you've never seen!  The 1st dark line to appear is the "positive" marker, and the 2nd, much lighter line is the "control".  Its always awesome to see the positive show up before the control!!!

And this Bag-O-Pee-Sticks would be my collection since 3dp5dt.  Marc & Michael both say I could make a small fortune selling the positives on Craigslist, LOL :-D

Our u/s appointment is scheduled for tomorrow @ 11:30, and I'm hoping that Carrie or I (or maybe Carrie AND I) will be posting some really good news.  Prayers are appreciated!

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