Sunday, September 1, 2013


It's been five days since transfer.  This Thursday, Jenn will go in to get a pregnancy test done, and then we'll know.  We'll know if at least one of these little embryos was successful in its voyage.

In the meantime, I feel like I should update everyone on the fate of our other embryos.  As of transfer day, we still had nine other embryos growing.  Here is the chart I was given of their status.

Embryos #1 and #2 were transferred.  Here, the "1" means Stage 1 blastocyst and the "M's" mean morulas. For  #7, "EM" means early morula, and the rest, "MC's," mean multi-cellular.  As of Day 6, Embryos #3 and #4 had become full-blown blastocysts: Grades 4AA and 4BA.  These were frozen.  We have two great frozen embryos!  As for the others, their growth was so slow that their development was considered "arrested" by Day 6, so they are no more.

So here we are, waiting.  Still four days to go...


Andrea said...

Best wishes!!! Do you plan to wait for beta or test at home?

Krystal said...

Have the results yet???? :)