Friday, August 21, 2009


This is Jenn and there is lots happening to me today:

For starters, I did another HPT at 7AM this morning after not getting up to pee AT ALL last night, and this was the result. Its a very, very faint positive :) The circle on the left...the minus sign means negative, but the little verticle line that is very faint - that's a positive! Its hard to see in the picture, but Michael even verified that he saw it!

I have since been instructed not to use EPT since its not as sensitive as Answer & First Response, so I've already run to the pharmacy for a box of each :) Cross your fingers for us everyone!! The positives need to get darker!!!

Then, this afternoon, I started spotting. Of course I freaked out, even though a surro friend had already told me this was considered "normal", but still blood and pregnancy aren't usually a good thing, so I panicked. Talked to the IVF nurse that said it was indeed normal, and it could actually signal a good thing since that means that something is, at least, trying to attach to my uterus :) Another good sign? I certainly hope so!!!

Michael is convinced I'm pregnant, and if things continue on this path, we should have some really good news at Monday's BETA!!!


Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

OMG!!!! Totally use the First response!!!!! Monday is just around the corner!

Membership Required said...

praying for a +!

Niki said...

Oh I see it! I say use an Answer test (or FRER) because they are super sensitive and show nice, strong lines! My GC had very clear double lines at 4dp5dt on Answer tests! I think early CONGRATS are in order and I'm going to anxiously await pics of more + tests!! :)